The Trick-or-Treaters
are Coming From…
Inside the House!

Play Trick-or-Treat™ is a printable PDF board game set perfect for Halloween or any family game night. You bring the candy and die, we’ll bring the puns—I mean fun.

Sticky spiderwebs! Are you stuck inside this Halloween? Or pulling your teeth out wondering what to do with all that leftover Halloween candy? Been there. Perhaps you just like eating board game pieces. Hey, no judgement here. Welcome to the first (probably) board game where you might be tricked into eating your game piece, compelled to steal candy from a graveyard, (yikes!) or called upon to cast an “act like a chicken” spell on another player.

Fill a bowl of candy, grab a die, and act, laugh and eat your way to sweet victory!

We hope this game ushers a little FALLoween whimsy into your home or game night.


~Audrey & Creedance

5 Star CusTomber Reviews
are Creeping In!

My boys (6 & 4) LOVED this game. We had a giggly time playing as the cards are so witty and it wasn’t overly long to keep their attention (you could always do another round to make it last longer). I’d say all ages would enjoy this game. …. Massive hit! ~Hollie

The kids loved doing this for Halloween, especially because they didn’t have a normal Trick-or-Treating experience. ~M…

This game was SO much fun! It was very easy to download and print! The game cards are so clever and had our whole family laughing. In light of this year looking different, it really was so fun to have something fun and festive to play together as a family. We played it as soon as I printed it out (no way the kids were going to wait until Halloween – ha!) and I have a feeling we’ll play several more times this year, and next year too! ~Katie

This game really made halloween feel like halloween. It was super fun to play with my nieces and even with my students remotely. The cards are HILARIOUS, and the acting out of the cards added even more hilariousness. We even played as adults…with adult beverages. :)” ~ Sonja, Los Angeles

“I vahz deeseahppointed zat zeese game does not suck!”

Neighborhood vampire

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