Feeling All Halloweensie Inside

It’s that magical time of year for feasting on “fun-size” candy and obsessing over a “fun-size” Halloween story contest. The latter is where Susanna Leonard Hill’s HALLOWEENSIE contest creeps in.

In this Hallowitchy contest (now in its 10th year!) you’re supposed to write a 100-word Halloween story using three Hallowee-y words—this year they’re, SKELETON, CREEP, and MASK— but you end up writing a 104-word story then spend 3 days trying to cut 4 weensy words to meet the 100-word threshold. That last bit is the witchy part, the Halloween trickery at play.

SNACK WARNING: The Halloweensie story below is based on terrifying real-life events that unfolded over the past two fun-size snacking weeks, and left in it’s candy-wrapper-wake an abandoned candy cauldron with just one kind of candy left inside. There is a fate worse than being a raisin on Halloween.

There’s a Fate Worse than Being a Raisin on Halloween
(not a Morrissey song) 

by Audrey Day-of-the-dead-Williams
100 words using, Mask, Skeleton and Creep

Rosie cried, “Being a raisin’s THE WORST!
We’re always picked last, we’re never picked first.
I want to bring JOY, I wish were delicious,
Like candy!” she plead, to the Creep who grants wishes. 

She knew the Creep’s wishes all came with a twist
But on Halloween night, how could Rosie resist?
The Creep’s voice was shady, “I’ll grant what you ask.”
And smirking he conjured an Almond Joy mask.

“Ding dong! Trick-or-treat!” Howled a skeleton boy.
“Finally,” Rosie thought, “I’m bringing kids joy!”
But wish-twists are cruel, for on Halloween night
An Almond Joy candy brings nothing but fright.

Author’s note: Apologies to Almond Joy fans. I do like the almond part.

Thanks for stopping by!

Published by PlayTrickorTreat - Halloween Game

Play Trick-or-Treat™ is a printable Halloween game. You bring the candy and dice, we’ll bring the puns, I mean fun!

6 thoughts on “Feeling All Halloweensie Inside

  1. Fun story, definitely not a raisin fan unless it is in an English muffin or cinnamon raisin bread! But I like Almond Joy and even candy corn. Good luck!

    Liked by 1 person

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