In a world where a global pandemic threatened the celebration of America’s most beloved holiday. When our childrens’ time-honored tradition of dressing up to fright or delight in order to shakedown strangers for candy, was in peril. Two women on opposite coasts dared to stand up and yell into the void, “You can take our freedom to move about the country, and our kids’ in-person learning, but you can’t take away our Halloween!”

And so, these two women—we’ll call them Audrey & Creedance, because those are their names—armed only with caffeine and insomnia-inspired puns, teamed up to bring PLAY TRICK-or-TREAT, a Halloween board game, to life. Mwahahahaha!

Audrey Day-Williams

Audrey lives in MA with her family who, while delightful, don’t laugh as hard as they should at her jokes. Although she grew up in Los Angeles, she is completely smitten with Massachusetts—even though it takes her three times to spell it correctly. Every. Time.

When she’s not writing about herself in the third person, Audrey writes funny and quirky picture books and poetry. You can find her in the garden, in the kitchen (but in a totally feminist way) or on the side of the road jotting down ideas.

Audrey likes the outdoors. She also likes the indoors. She’s a big fan of the ocean and thinks nature is rad.

She’s an enthusiastic member of SCBWI, The Writers’ Loft, and Poets’ Garage and is just enthusiastic in general.

Follow Audrey on twitter or on her website and read her exactly 100-word Halloweensie story.

You’ll find some of her whimsical poems floating or dancing in these beautiful anthologies.

Creedance Kenna

Creedance Kenna is a living artist whose insomnia-inducing social media addiction gives her the time to make wickedly clever art.

Creedance never became the first female MLB knuckleball pitcher for the LA Dodgers, much to her father’s dismay. Despite having an MBA, a successful advertising career, studying fine art in Los Angeles, and in Florence, Italy, her dad haunts her about her missed MLB career to this day. This omniscient narrator is happy Creedance decided to pursue art.

Hungry for a humorous art fix? Follow Creedance on instaGROAN, I mean instagram!

“Ahhooorgh, maohhahahauu. Uuuhhhgh achooor-phum!”

Frankenstein’s Monster

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